A residential property with a nicely manicured lawn and well maintained flower beds.

Landscape Design

We offer a variety of landscape design and installation services.  We also can install a single tree or a handful of bushes!  You do not need to be in the market for a complete new landscape to use our service.  Of course, we would love to have the opportunity to install your dream landscape as well.

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Local Landscapers With Design Talent

We are on several lawns and landscapes every single day.  We work in the typical subdivisions scattered throughout Spartanburg and beyond, as well as on estates and commercial properties.  Looking at all of the various landscape designs and plant choices fills our minds with all kinds of great ideas and things to avoid.  We would love to share our knowledge with you.

We can also put our landscaping talent to use for you if you just need your current landscape maintained or enhanced.

Home Landscaping

A residential home with a lovely landscape bed with thriving plants and trees.

Landscaping Installation

Many times a landscape installation begins with removing unwanted plants from the existing landscape.  Anything that can be reused can be transplanted and incorporated into the new design.

We work closely with our clients during the design process ensuring we fully understand their vision and long-term maintenance requirements.

Our landscape installation service can include:

  • Existing plant removal
  • New bed creatation
  • Annuals
  • Perennials
  • Shrubs
  • Trees
  • Water features
  • Mulch/Rock/Pine Straw

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