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Stump Grinding Service

Finish off your tree removal service by getting rid of the stump as well to turn that space back into usable space. 

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Tree Stump Removal

Removing stumps often requires a dedicated stump grinding machine to get the job done.  The tree experts at Boiling Springs Lawn Care have been operating these machines for years and can quickly and safely remove your unwanted trees stumps.

If the ‘stump’ you need removed is still a ‘tree,’ learn more about our tree removal service.

Commercial Stump Grinding

A commercial stump grinder backed up to an existing tree stump ready to be removed.

Removal of Tree Roots

We chase tree roots!  Often roots are also visible on the soil surface extending out from the tree stump itself.  We chase those roots with the grinding machine to do the job right.

We have you covered, no matter your need:

  • 1-Stump
  • Multiple Stumps
  • Small Stumps
  • Large Stumps

You can kiss your stump goodbye as soon as you contact us!

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